The great bariatric shower chair

​A bariatric shower chair with wheels is the most effective way of moving patients and elderly throughout hospitals and elderly homes to the showers for cleaning. It's effective, simple to use and makes the cleaning of people in clinics and other such places all the more easy. Through such equipment the standard of hygiene can be held high and is made more simple for the nurses, doctors and caretakers involved. There's various equipment to help with such tasks other than the bariatric shower chair of course, for different purposes to help patients get clean regardless of medical condition. Given the large number of conditions there are and how sensitive some can be with certain aspects of cleaning, it's important to have ways to not just move them as well as clean them without casing pain. So where do hospitals get these tools and equipment?

Where to get

Generally, things like a bariatric shower chair are acquired directly from a manufacturer like TR Equipment whom makes a wide variety of hygiene products for hospitals as well as elderly homes. It can range from bathtubs made to help clean burn victims to mobile patient lifts to help lift a patient to where they need to be to get cleaned. Regardless of the situation, there are equipment for it and generally these are made to be sturdy, easy to use and cost effective. Naturally these things are made for clinics and elderly homes specifically, so generally these things cannot be bought by regular folks looking for something for their home.​​